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Hinchinbrook Island Cruises is the longest operating ferry company transferring Hikers to and from the Thorsborne Trail on Hinchinbrook Island. We also have many day tours around Hinchinbrook Island and the Hinchinbrook Channel.


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Dean Beech
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Hinchinbrook Island Cruises
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Hinchinbrook Island Cruises

We provide various services to help you discover the splendid wilderness of Hinchinbrook Island, one of Australia’s largest island national parks, nestled in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

Ramsay Bay Cruise – a four hour discovery cruise.

Zoe Bay Tour – a six hour tour to one of Hinchinbrook Islands most spectacular locations.

Thorsborne Trail and Island Transfers – transfers to the world renowned Thorsborne Trail for those taking part in the multi-day walk. As well as transfers to the many camping sites on offer.

Private Charters