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Where in the world could you find ….

Australia’s largest Island National Park, recognised world wide, for its unique pristine wilderness qualities.

Imagine walking out of a pristine tropical rainforest onto a magnificent white sand, blue water, ocean swimming beach ……. and finding it totally deserted.

Hinchinbrook Island has all the unique qualities you would expect to find on an uninhabited, inaccessible, tropical wilderness paradise, remote from civilisation.

Yet …. for small numbers, access is easy and affordable.

The best ways to enjoy this paradise are to take a Day Cruise, stay at the Wilderness Lodge, camp, or for the really adventurous, trek the Thorsborne Trail. For the fisherpersons, the Wilderness Lodge also makes an idyllic base to experience this world renowned sports fishing location.

Lord Howe Island

The history of the island goes back to 1788 when Lord Howe Island was discovered by HMS Supply of the First Fleet, and covering 166 years of continuous settlement since 1834.

There is even a skeleton of an extinct giant horned turtle, Meiloania platyceps.

The museum on the island offers a learning and scientific centre holding valuable archives, photographs and records with a reading/research room with computer facilities, photocopying and internet access. The island has a tourist visitor center and and great apartments at Neds Beach (Lord Howe Island).

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Catch our whale watching fast ferries to Rottnest Island in Perth for an adventure of a lifetime and see the famous Rottnest Quokkas.

Things you didn’t know about a Quokka

The main quokka location can be found on Rottnest Island. The best quokka habitat is dense vegetation and a moist environment. It is often thought that  the quokka is endangered, well the quokka is the only member of the genus Setonix and its status is “vulnerable”. Other quokka facts, the quokka diet is that of a herbivore – they like to eat plants!! Come to Rottnest and take a  quokka selfie.
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